An innovative way to get clean air

UV (Ultra Violet) Air Disinfection is an innovative way to keep your HVAC system efficient and safe. We design, build and install our own brand of High Intensity UV Duct infection systems STERIL-AIRE®

We utilize air disinfection systems fitted with high intensity ultra-violet lamps kill airborne bacteria and viruses. They pump out a minimum of 72 watts of UV Energy to reduce micro-organisms in the entire room as they cycle through the HVAC systems. Mounted inside the duct work, the system sterilizes or kills most contaminants as they pass the lamp. In special areas like low flow zones, capsule lifts, clean rooms, bathrooms, packing areas, wet zones etc. the systems utilize sealed fixtures with upward pointing louvers to irradiate the upper regions of air.

Efficient air disinfection increases the value of your HVAC by:

  • Maximizing system efficiency.
  • Extending blower life.
  • Keeps your surrounding air fit to breathe.

Benefits of UV air disinfection system:

  • The air in most HVAC systems circulates up to 70-150 times in the normal and continuous fan mode.
  • Filters are necessary to trap dust, pollen and other particles only. UV disinfection systems remove harmful bacteria and viruses from the air stream or render these microorganisms sterile, and therefore unable to reproduce.
  • Standard fiber air filters are fairly effective as most particles are too small and pass through the porous filter.
  • New High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters capture airborne bacteria of a certain size. They trap small airborne contaminants on the filter and subsequently create an ideal breeding ground for the germs.
  • HVAC systems are a dark and damp breeding ground for mold and bacteria particularly at the system filter and air conditioning A-coil, which can significantly reduce its efficiency by constricting and reducing air flow.
  • Without UVC, coils require constant cleaning. It is an expensive process that relies on toxic or flammable solvents that are dangerous and can diminish the life of the coil.

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