Kitchens: The core of hospitality business

A kitchen is place that produces food. Even a little contamination can have drastic effect. Kitchens are also prone to unfortunate events like fires. The key to control such fires can lead is to unserviced kitchen grease extract ductwork system.

PureDuct offers customsied services that can be modified the needs of a restaurant, hotel, or catering. We bring to you a hassle-free option to clean kitchen ductwork. We can also help you draw a maintenance plan at regular intervals to ensure clean ducts at all times.

PureDuct’s kitchen ductwork cleaning service redefines the way a kitchen ventilation system is cleaned. From the point of entry via the canopy to the filters through the ductwork, weminutely clean every space. For oily ducts, we utilise a specially formulated degreaser or manually clean/scrape the harder layers of oil/grease. This service is designed to significantly reduce the grease and carbonisation associated with extract ducting from the point of entry to atmosphere. Every kitchen ductwork cleaning treatment reduces the hazards of flash fire and enhances the extract flow of air.

With an attempt to offer clean and safe workspaces for the staff in the kitchens, we recommend kitchen duct cleaning services to:

  • Prevent fatal fires
  • Remove heat, odours and steam from the kitchen
  • Remove greasy vapors from the kitchen which can be an ignition source
  • Maintain a safe working environment

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