Create clean work environment for your workforce

Your HVAC system is essentially a heat exchanger system. It works on the principle of heat transfer so that building occupants experience desired thermal comfort and gets acceptable indoor quality. Better the condition of your HVAC system, better is the rate of heat transfer and optimal output at minimum cost. But over the course of time, HVAC systems build up debris and scale on coils in chambers, on fan blades and on the heat transfer tubes. Scales or deposits have increased resistance to heat transfer and when they build-up, HVAC system’s compressor consumes more energy to ensure optimum heat transfer. It’s estimated that under-serviced HVAC requires approx 30% more energy to operate than a cleaned HVAC system.

We follow a stringent process to ensure that HVAC systems are clean.

Inspection: We do an overview inspection of your HVAC system, discuss your needs, evaluate the situation and prepare a quotation.

Upon Work Assignment: On acceptance of our quotation, we discuss an action plan. We help you schedule the tasks at a time convenient for you.

Detailed Assessment: Once your job is scheduled, we then undertake a more detailed assessment of the cleaning job. We take into consideration your HVAC design, ductwork design and building structure and furnishings. It ensures that we deliver our services on schedule with minimum business downtime.

Work Assignment: Based upon the assessment, we allocate requisite manpower and equipment. We discuss and define the scope of work of each team as per site specific requirements. We are very particular about our employee safety and carry out necessary safety instructions to successfully complete the project in safest manner possible.

Project Commencement: We start by covering all your mechanical and electrical belongings, furnishings etc with plastic install .

Cleaning Phase: HVAC cleaning job require cleaning the system in its entirety, which includes cleaning all the major and minor components of HVAC. From Air Handling Unit(AHU), Chiller and Condenser, Cooling Coils, Register and diffusers, Carrier Air Ductwork, Return air ductwork, Blower, Air Filters, the plenums, washing evaporator coils and beyond, every inch is cleaned to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Reasons to plan for Industrial HVAC Cleaning:

  • Higher operating cost of compressor due to increased head pressure
  • Cooling performance gets reduced due to poor air-flow through the coils
  • Increased KW draw coupled with reduction in cooling tonnage capacity
  • Unit takes longer and works harder to achieve set temperature points thus increasing overhead
  • Compressor keeps cycling off and on under high head pressure
  • Bad Smell in working environment
  • Hot or cold spots in the building

Take hygiene and clean air a step higher

Chiller performance and efficiency relate directly to its ability to transfer heat, which begins with clean evaporator and condenser tubes. Large chillers contain several miles of tubing in their heat exchangers, so keeping these large surfaces clean is essential for maintaining high-efficiency performance.

We at PureDuct systems achieve 100% cleanliness by effective water treatment and a programme of manual cleaning and disinfection.

It is recommended that cooling tower cleaning and evaporative condenser cleaning is planned at least once a year. Cleaning is not a substitute for water treatment but a part of an overall program for effective and efficient running of the system.

We ensure that cleaning and disinfection procedures are carried out in accordance with best international practices. All our cleaning and disinfection personnel are highly trained and wear suitable protective gear. We utilize advanced equipment to successfully carry out condenser cleaning projects.

Dual benefits of cleaning condenser and chiller:

1. It helps you Identify potential areas that could cause infectious diseases due to legionella. These micro-organisms multiply rapidly and cause various diseases.

2. With water scale deposits on the heat transfer surface of an evaporative condenser, the cooling water from the spray head cannot efficiently condense the refrigerant gas in the coils. This results in deficient cooling, overworked system and expensive maintenance operation. With a cooling tower or evaporative condenser cleaning job, you can ensure that the cooling tower’s efficiency is restored.


A cleaner environment for better living

A cleaned Air Handling Unit (AHU) components is the key to maintaining your HVAC system’s efficiency. The accumulation of dust and debris on system components such as volume control dampers, coils and filtration can lead to air-flow restrictions and increased energy costs. Corrosion on internal system components such as fans, filter frames etc can also deposit contamination throughout the system. Blocked condensate drains can lead to excessive moisture levels and lead to mould growth within the system.

Pure Duct’s Professional Cleaning ensures that all internal surfaces and components within Air Handling Units are accessed and cleaned effectively to optimize heat exchange efficiency and prolong the life of the system.

AHU Cleaning Process

We follow a pre-defined procedure for cleaning AHU units:
Precautionary step: We switch off any external installed filtration system or UV lamps. Before turning off the unit, we take various readings of AHU system.
Inspection: We do a thorough internal inspection of contaminated AHU floor, moulds, bacteria, valves etc. In case of dust or mould, We disinfect it immediately to prevent cross contamination.
• Internal lights are checked for problems
• All electrical equipments are checked for faults
• Fan Belts, Condenser Coils, Drain Trays are checked for any dirt, moulds, bacteria build up and any maintenance required that would is checked
The above is necessary to prepare a quote for a complete thorough cleaning.

Approval of Work: On approval of quotation, we prepare a detailed plan, assign work to various teams and schedule your job at a date convenient to you.

Cleaning Process:
1. On the scheduled date, we ensure that staff is in proper uniforms with protective eye gear etc.
2. We start by applying de-greasing chemical to the entire inner and outer walls of AHU
3. We pressure wash the area to remove grease and black particulate
4. We spray the inner and outer walls to wash with standard disinfectants. Coils, Drip tray are cleaned and disinfected.
5. Floor in the AHU room is vacuumed to remove any water spillage.
6. All electrical components are switched on again and unit is re-commissioned.


Ensuring a clean and contaminant-free water systems

Cooling water/Chilled water systems need to be maintained in a healthy condition to be able to ensure that downstream condensers, chillers & AHUs work efficiently. We can tackle issues like scale and algae formation in cooling water systems and corrosion in chilled water systems.

Pre-Commissioning Cleaning

Initial or Pre-Commissioning Chemical Cleaning of Cooling Water and Chilled Water systems prior to start up can help remove any construction debris, corrosion products and other contaminants. The formation of a chemically induced passivation layer can help reduce the future rate of corrosion.

Operational Cleaning

Operation of these systems leads to localized fouling in the fills of the cooling tower and reduced rates of heat transfer also the growth of legionella bacteria can prove to be a health hazard. Regular Addition of our chemicals can help to obviate these issues or one time shock dosing treatments can bring about a rapid solution to this problem.

Based on a site inspection PureDuct will provide customized solutions to tackle your issues of corrosion, algae and scale formation.

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